Fox the Hound is a modern rock band from London, Ontario. The band consists of: 

Jeremy Fox-Revett -Lead Vocalist/Songwriter/Guitarist

Kenneth Palmer - Lead Guitarist

Andrew Kosty - Bassist

Myke Phillips - Drummer

Jeremy, Kenneth and Andrew met at The University of Western Ontario as students of classical music performance. Myke, a childhood friend and Wilfrid Laurier University music student, joined the band in 2018. Fox the Hound is consistently applying their professional music training to their sound. They weave together influences from rock, pop, alternative, folk and funk to create a unique sound they describe as modern rock.

"Upon first listen, the tune [Hard to Get] sounds like a mix of big band honesty with a splash of rock and roll flavour, which seems to fit lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, Jeremy Fox-Revett’s style perfectly."

- Grace | The Gracie Note

“Fox the Hound produces a unique sound that is heavily based in their scholarly classical music backgrounds."​

- Gabriella |